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The Role Of Lighting For Pot Seeds To Grow Well

The UV rays are essential for your pot seeds to turn into plants that thrive. This is why you need to learn about the climate and environment where you reside. How many hours of sunlight are estimated per day? Only plant a strain that is able to do well with that much lighting. Too much lighting or not enough of it and your plants are going to suffer. They aren't going to produce high levels of THC or high quality THC.

You may be saying you have no control over the weather or the sunlight, but you can use data to help you make good decisions. Find out what the average hours of sunlight is in the summer months where you reside. There are many climate factors that are expected in a given area at a certain time of year. There may be some variation but for the most part it is going to be quite similar and the patterns are easy to follow.

With indoor pot seed growing, you get the opportunity to completely manipulate the amount of lighting the plants will receive. You need to do your homework and make sure you know how much they should get for a given strain. You will need to black out all windows as you don't want any natural sunlight reaching the plants. Instead, you want it to all be artificial in a controlled environment.

There are several types of artificial lighting set ups you can purchase for your indoor pot seed growing. Make sure you have the right voltage and make sure you put the plants the right distance from the light. You may have to rotate the plants too. Again, learn all you can about that strain of cannabis. Discover what the best practices are for them to grow and you will increase your chances of a generous crop being produced.

Typically, the more hours of light exposure, the stronger your cannabis plants are going to be. Some of the strains need up to 18 hours of light and then only 6 hours of dark for them to grow well. Others can do well with 24 hour lighting if you wish to just keep them on all the time. If you use a timer, you won't have to remember to turn them on and off. You can set them up to automatically go on and off according to the lighting schedule you are going to follow.

You should anticipate at least 15 hours of lighting for the strains of pot seeds at the lower end of the spectrum. When plants have more dark than light though they tend to be ready to harvest in a shorter window of time. Yet the downside to this is the yield of THC per plant is going to be significantly less. Be patient and give those strains the 8 to 10 weeks of growth time they really need to thrive and produce the best cannabis possible. Get Seed Flavors from Marijuana. You have read, The Role Of Lighting For Pot Seeds To Grow Well.
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